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Professional Growth

The following is a sampling of resources. This is not intended to be a comprehensive listing. If you have a recommendation for an additional resource, please contact us.

For All Disciplines

Resources and Issues
Listings of arts service organizations, arts agencies, and other resources that support artists.

Link outside of City of Seattle web  Artist Trust
A not-for-profit organization dedicated exclusively to supporting Washington State artists working in all creative disciplines. The organization provides grant programs and a wide variety of extensive informational services including professional development workshops and Link outside of City of Seattle web  Artists Assets, an extensive professional resources guide, as well as Artists Assets Area, a portion of the office dedicated to professional development information. Phone number: 206-467-8734

Link outside of City of Seattle web  Craft Emergency Relief Fund (CREF) - Resources
Resources for artists in crisis.

Link outside of City of Seattle web  New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA)
An on-line resource providing free information to artists of all disciplines. Access a wide variety of articles and interviews pertaining to the business of art.

Seattle Public Library - The Informed Artist
Link outside of City of Seattle web  Imagination for Sale
Listing of Web sites and books related to art and entrepreneurship.

Link outside of City of Seattle web  Seattle Public Library's Ask a Question Service
Use e-mail or live help (chat) to ask questions on different subjects.

The Shunpike
The Shunpike was founded to strengthen the Seattle arts community by partnering with artists to more effectively present and distribute their work. The Shunpike can connect artists with resources, support them in the business aspects of their work and train them in the necessary skills for successful project administration, and can custom design service packages for artists depending on their specific needs. Support is offered on an accessible fee-for-service basis, with annual service contracts available.

Books and Publications

Art Marketing 101: A Handbook for the Fine Artist by Constance Smith
A classic, featuring information about resumes, portfolio preparation, marketing, legal concerns, contracts, and other business topics. The book was written for visual artists but much of the information applies to all artists.
Available from ArtNetwork

Link outside of City of Seattle web  Allworth Press
A publishing company primarily focusing on business and self-help books for artists, designers, photographers, writers, and film and performing artists. You can browse the catalogues and order books online.

Preparing to Tour
A Handbook to Help You Find Work as a Touring Artist
 (MS Word File)
Thinking of working in a residency in a community or touring through an engagement or booking? This very comprehensive handbook guides you through steps such as deciding where you want to work, identifying partners and sponsors, planning engagements and profiting from your work. From the Arizona Commission on the Arts.

How to Survive & Prosper as an Artist
Now in its fifth edition, this is the preeminent guide to taking control of your career and making a good living in the art world. Drawing on over two decades of experience, Caroll Michels walks artists through the complicated process of balancing grants, gallery representation, private dealer sales, and a personal studio to ensure a public profile and a steady income. Included is a wealth of insider's information on getting into a gallery, being your own PR agent, and negotiating prices, as well as innovative marketing, exhibition, and sales opportunities for various art disciplines. The new edition is fully updated with strategies for using the Web.

Recommended Art Career and Art Business Books
Listing of books that cover everything from surviving and prospering as an artist to the artist-gallery partnership to a health and safety guide to business and legal forms.

Start & Run a Creative Services Business
This book shows how freelance designers and other creative professionals such as writers, illustrators, and photographers can run successful businesses. With the tips and first-person accounts, learn how to make money designing such things as logos, corporate promotional materials, websites, and advertisements. Industry-specific information is presented in a logical order, appealing to the novice as well as the seasoned professional.


Bellevue Community College Continuing Education
Link outside of City of Seattle web  Art Zones Program
Professional development classes for all disciplines in topics ranging from moving your writing career forward to getting your artwork seen and sold.

University of Washington Certificate Program in
Link outside of City of Seattle web  Arts Management
A nine month program offering intensive training in leadership,strategic planning, financial management, fundraising, marketing and public relations. For artists seeking training to start or manage their own organizations and for professionals currently working in management.


The Liz Lerman Dance Exchange Toolbox
Based in dance, but applicable to other arts disciplines, this site contains instructions for a variety of art-making techniques, concise descriptions of principles and practices, and essays that explore the theory, background and applications of many of these ideas.

Literary Arts

The Link outside of City of Seattle web  Writer's Resource Center includes a section on business.

Theatre Arts

The Actor's Checklist
Organizing steps for moving a performing arts career forward, this site has information and checklists on topics such as Training; Looking for Work; Business, Tax & Legal Considerations; Launching Your Own Independent Productions; and more.

Link outside of City of Seattle web  Actors Northwest Tips and Advice


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